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Name: Gen

Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexual preferance (or demands):  straight with the occassional looks at girls
Location: south Florida

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
2. Eisley
3. Def Leppard
4. the Beatles
5. Garbage
Song: "Come Together"- the Beatles
Color: red
1. Sixteen Candles
2. My Cousin Vinny
3. Wet Hot American Summer
4. Underworld
5. Prozac Nation
Food: hot fudge, it's a food to me
Candy: Reese's
Makeup item: eyeliner
Animal: bird
1. the Bell Jar
2. What's Normal Anyway?
3. White Oleander
4. Wicked
5. my favorite book of all time i can't remember the title. t was in 9th grade and i can't remember for my life.

What do you think of...
School: it's okay
Parents: i love my mother more than anything. she's done everything for me and i'd do the same for her.
Internet romance: almost the stupidest thing i've ever heard of besides the Bush family.
Animal Testing: it's cruel, but it helps in a lot of ways.
Meatwad: i love that little ball of meat. he sounds retarded and is such a little prick. love him.

What are you made out of?: Play-Do
Tell us something random about yourself: every month i think of something else to do with my hair. like dye it, cut it, etc.
Post a pic or a link of something totally swank:
Now post at least 3 pictures of yourself (at least 2 have to be un-photoshopped)

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